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Everyone that touches CITI experiences our values in action - be it our clients, members, partners or associates. As the UK's most eminent centre for excellence in change management, we work hard to ensure that our unparalleled research and experience base is exploited to our clients' best advantage in each and every engagement.

Our values inform everything we do, for us this means:

CITI is a client friend

We are your partner - we treat all our clients as partners - the way we would wish to be treated ourselves. We accept your problems as our own, and stand by our decisions and actions.

CITI is a centre for excellence

We are experts in change management - our advice is based on continual and extensive research and experience. We maintain a comprehensive body of knowledge, and provide tools and techniques to advance our clients' change management capability.

CITI is a community of professionals

Being a CITI member means sharing knowledge, values and achievements; being trusted as a professional, upholding absolute integrity, and having the drive to be regarded as the best.