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What is the value

Effective innovation deployment improves an organisation's capability (enhances its processes and technologies) to implement innovative improvements that add value to their customers and increase their competitiveness in their chosen markets.

Why is it valid

Innovation is seen by all organisations across all sectors as an imperative to enhance their competitiveness in the market place. Barriers to the adoption of innovative ideas within organisations include reluctance and resistance to changing the organisational culture; difficulty in measuring impact and value from introducing the chosen innovations, as well as difficulty of middle and senior management to translate the planned improvements in to practice.

What you will experience

The organisation's innovation processes are examined, from need identification and idea generation, to the deployment of selected innovations, and its adoption; with particular emphasis on the implementation of the innovation management process.

Based on the findings of the innovation audit assessment, CITI will suggest and implement specific changes to the organisational innovation processes, taking into account all aspects of the innovation ecosystem within the organisation including its culture, industry sector, competitive environment, product/service portfolio, strategic intent, and organisational core competencies and capabilities.

How you might start

CITI is a leader in innovation assessment interventions. They can last for up to three months depending on the size of the organisation and the complexity of its product or service, and industry sector. It is not a continuous engagement, but rather three to four high intensity, high throughput interventions designed to provide maximum impact without disrupting the organisation's performance.

Tools and techniques used

Innovation audits
Open innovation
Innovation Pentathlon

Benchmarked Change Delivery at Legal and General

Benchmarked Change Delivery at Legal and General

With over 10 million customers, Legal & General plc (L&G) is one of the largest, best known and most respected financial services companies in the UK.
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"The classic training model, taking individuals out of the business to sit in a classroom for a week at a time, was not going to work for us. But at the same time, we knew we needed to raise our game in managing change. I have to say, your people are brilliant!"

Head of business change, Legal & General