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What is the value

Knowing the state of change readiness prepares the change leaders, change managers and change agents for the levels and types of acceptance and resistance they will encounter - offering them an opportunity to deploy the most appropriate tools and techniques, time and sequence the communication and change events better, and so reduce the cost and time taken to achieve a planned change.

Why is it valid

Successful implementation of change programmes is dependent on the readiness of the people, processes and systems of the organisation. Assessing readiness usefully precedes any major change initiative. Research has demonstrated in many studies the chances of success of a change initiative is influenced by knowing what the readiness of the organisation is, widely communicating the reasons why it the change is beneficial, and recognising before the event the likely sources and reasons for resistance.

What you will experience

The company receives a short, high impact consultancy providing a deep analysis of the change readiness of the organisation and its staff. The individuals are exposed to a series of self-assessment and 180 degree evaluations. These are then interpreted, benchmarked and used as evidence in a series of feedback sessions to senior management and change teams.

How you might start

When the change is likely to trigger emotional responses, when the change affects a large number of individuals, or crosses several internal organisational boundaries - there is a strong case for requesting a change readiness assessment.

Tools and techniques used

Change readiness assessments
Change management maturity model

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"The classic training model, taking individuals out of the business to sit in a classroom for a week at a time, was not going to work for us. But at the same time, we knew we needed to raise our game in managing change. I have to say, your people are brilliant!"

Head of business change, Legal & General