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What is the value

Complex change is difficult to deliver, individual projects rarely succeed in doing so, and programmes are often seen as too hard to manage. Solving this problem depends on understanding the significance of the projects' interdependencies within a programme, and how best to structure a programme to deliver complex change - simply.

Why is it valid

Complex change cannot be achieved with project methodology alone. Programmes are large sophisticated bodies of work that provide the necessary management structure allowing projects and the necessary BAU initiatives to succeed. They ensure all important management decisions are predicated on the need to ensure the required benefits are delivered. The 'how to achieve' this is then considered as a secondary concern.

What you will experience

Current planning of your programme is reviewed, and an approach adopted which 'starts with the end in mind'. This allows the outputs and projects to be grouped into a set of tranches that structures and sequences the work necessary to deliver the vision. Governance approaches are also reviewed and the necessary management structures and roles are confirmed to make the tranches work. The high level political engagement necessary is articulated and clear accountabilities are established.

How you might start

CITI usually gets called in when concerns are raised by the programme board as progress in the first tranche is stalled, or there is serious contention between projects that are already in progress and projects initiated under the auspices of a programme.

Tools and techniques used

Programme management evaluations
Benefit - impact - product modelling
Tranche construction
Programme management toolkit

Diageo saves millions using a project value model

Diageo saves millions using a project value model

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Programme transformation at Tesco

Programme transformation at Tesco

Tesco had initiated a major business transformation programme which affected all parts of the organisation and all of its 400,000+ staff.
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Improving project management capability at Remploy

Improving project management capability at Remploy

Remploy needed to modernise its business to stay profitable and compete. This strategy meant that a significant number of factories would need to be closed - something that Remploy had never done before.
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