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"CITI demystified many of the aspects of project management and governance for us, allowing the whole organisation to understand much more clearly what is required for successful delivery - a state much closer to 'conscious competence' than we were in before. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending CITI to others"

To implement its challenging strategy of being first choice for travellers, Eurostar needed to focus on the governance and execution of its strategic programme and projects. An essential part of this would be an effective project portfolio prioritisation approach. It had to become more responsive to changing markets and opportunities and to translate strategic imperatives more quickly and more predictably into operational reality.

The route map identified the changes that needed to be made and the outputs needed from projects to cause the changes. Starting with the end state in mind meant that it was much easier to structure projects and to link them to stakeholders' agendas. This allowed us to work with Eurostar to analyse which combinations of projects, costs and resources delivered the best return.

In parallel with this, we profiled Eurostar's programme and project managers to determine their capability. We could then match the portfolio of projects to appropriate individuals.

The result of our work with Eurostar was a set of clearly defined projects and programmes being managed by the best people, all working together towards a shared vision.

Capability development

Capability development

A clear view of the capacity and capability of change-related disciplines permits an organisation to be more confident in change delivery and to plan effectively for future demand for change.
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Portfolio prioritisation

Portfolio prioritisation

Project portfolio prioritisation schemes give assurance to management that the project selections made give maximum value to the organisation for the resource allocated.
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