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Questionnaires and profiling

Benchmarking capability has been a core specialisation of CITI since the beginning. Developing effective performance in individuals and assigning appropriately capable and competent individuals to roles are both central to effective change.

Having a clear development path is the proven single most effective motivator for project managers. Organisations benefit too, as with commitment comes improved performance, as well as form the increased capability. Development framework and career pathways are different things in project management; as much as personal development is not necessarily connected to career advancement, but provides valuable skills and competence enhancement.

Project manager profiling

Availability as a characteristic has a low correlation to success. Reliably profiling the capability of a candidate project manager to the needs of the project greatly enhances the probability of successful delivery...
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Programme manager profiling

Programme managers exhibit distinct differences in outlook and approach from those displayed by project managers. A good project manager will not necessarily translate into a good programme manager...
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Project Management Office (PMO) profiling

The type of PMO that an organisation chooses to sponsor should have a direct bearing on the personnel it deploys; different skill sets and attributes are necessary for each type of PMO. CITI's years of profiling...
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We have a range of questionnaires to profile you and your team - including project, programme, support office, business analyst, QA and testers, and different knowledge and accreditation methodologies. If you have a particular requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking the button below:

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