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Christopher is a thought leader in developing the capability of organisations to achieve their change imperatives. He acts as an advisor and assessor to board members and leaders of significant change initiatives in the financial, retail, energy, defence and government sectors.


With a passion for 'getting things done', he is the author of papers and articles on many aspects of change management, including benefits realisation and the management of programmes. His lively and passionate style makes him a popular and regular speaker at conferences.


Christopher is one of the two founding partners of CITI and, as CEO, he leads CITI's capability and capacity to deliver change management expertise, with a focus on organisational and personal development, and delivery through portfolios of projects and programmes.

Core skills

Portfolio optimisation
Realising value from change
Change governance
Career paths and development frameworks.

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Introducing a Project Support Office

Introducing a Project Support Office

Introducing a Project Support Office (PSO) is easily done. Introducing an effective one is not! As the principal impact is on the culture. In most organisations, sponsors typically preside over project managers, who...
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Types of change management

Types of change management

Change is a universal condition of every human. Though endless in its manifestation, an individual's experience of change can be described as falling into one of just four types of change management.
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"My vision was to create a company that could impart lasting change
on the organisations that it touched,
and leave individuals with the knowledge"

Christopher Worsley, CEO