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Hilary Small

Managing consultant
T:  +441908283614
M: +447717717164
E:  HSmall@citi.co.uk


Hilary's change management experience spans 25 years across a number of sectors, both in the UK and overseas. He has also worked in consultancy roles, principally in the UK and USA. His first exposure to project management came from significant regulatory change in the insurance industry, while his programme management experience was initially related to major acquisitions


Hilary uses his considerable expertise to support our clients in translating their strategies into achievable actions, including optimising their change portfolios and structuring projects and programmes. In addition, Hilary has recently focused on developing client specific competency and development frameworks.


Hilary is CITI's lead expert in the development of many tools and techniques to enhance the capability and capacity of our clients. These range from enabling: a mapping a clear line of sight between strategic goals and deliverable outputs; assessing the doability of portfolios and the complexity of projects; and the capability assessment and development of the project and programme community.

Core skills

Career development and learning intervention design
Capability assessment
Training needs analysis
Strategic implementation planning
Stakeholder engagement

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Making AGILE mainstream

Making AGILE mainstream

As far as we can tell, most organisations that are using Agile development methods (and most are) started doing so because someone in IT thought it was a good idea, gave it a try, and it spread.
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How much is just right when planning a project

How much is just right when planning a project

There's a continuum that exists between planning your project to the nth degree and relying on sorting out problems as they arise. Some of the motivators for acting in the latter, 'troubleshooting' mode are...
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