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Patrick Boulter

Managing consultant
T:  +441908283615
M: +447711710288


Patrick is a dynamic, adaptive leader with strong international management skills, and a proven track record in delivering coherent and innovative solutions.


With over 10 years of experience, Patrick helps clients to understand the challenges of the business change environment and comes up with practical approaches to achieve success and realise benefits.


Prior to joining CITI, Patrick was a founder and Director of an importing and exporting company between China and European, African and South American countries based in Beijing, dealing with a constantly changing environment. With a military grounding in strategic management and leadership, now combined with project management, Patrick is able to conduct a deeper analysis and implementation of client strategy, and through the strategy Patrick helps organisations structure projects and programmes of change around the client's adoption of change and its benefits, not just competent technical delivery.

Core skills

CITI aside, Patrick enjoys home life and fresh air, either up a mountain or at sea.

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Developing your project management recruitment process

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