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Rupert Fairclough

Managing consultant
T:  +441908283609
M: +447798866044


Rupert has an uninterrupted 25 year career in working with all types of organisation across many different industry sectors to design, manage and implement change as efficiently and effectively as possible.


His strengths lie in a unique combination of being able to see the big picture and the detail at the same time, without letting one compromise the other, as well as a highly empathetic style of engagement.


As one of our managing consultants with a broad experience, Rupert works with clients to help them achieve their change objectives through a combination of analysis, blue sky thinking and coaching.

Core skills

Exceptional analytical abilities
Highly developed communication skills
Extensive experience across many industries

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"My vision was to create a company that could impart lasting change
on the organisations that it touched,
and leave individuals with the knowledge"

Christopher Worsley, CEO