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We do not run courses for individuals, but we are happy to run a course on premises for you and your colleagues.

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What are the course objectives?

Methods, such as PRINCE2©, provide a process based life-cycle for project management, but do not in themselves lead to good planning and execution. To achieve that requires going beyond the method.

What content is covered?

In this action-based three-plus-two day workshop, we support you through the process of developing and executing a project plan that is based on a clear mission that encapsulates business value. Treating the plan as a map, rather than a route, we show how you can increase the success rate of your projects.

You will discover how the application of a disciplined approach to the running of projects significantly reduces the risk of failure. As a result of attending this workshop, you will be able to plan effectively, focus on project achievement, and better manage the expectations of senior stakeholders.

What will participants gain?

The first module focuses on producing the plan based on achievement - delivering products that address stakeholder expectations.

The second module will widen your experience in a safe, learning environment, when the plan is executed within the context of changing business needs and resourcing.

What are the key topics?

Creating the plan (three days)
Defining project success
Understanding the project mission
Managing expectations
Building the plan
Executing the plan (two days)
Using the plan to communicate, monitor and control
Dealing with change to scope, resources and deadlines
Managing the team

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