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We do not run courses for individuals, but we are happy to run a course on premises for you and your colleagues.

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What are the course objectives?

M_o_R® (Management of Risk) is part of the Best Practice Guidance portfolio published by Axelos Limited. Almost every decision made within an organisation brings positives and negatives. M_o_R provides an effective structure for the management of risk across all parts of an organisation. M_o_R is the industry recognised method for managing risk.

This course is specifically designed for those who are involved with identifying, analysing and controlling risk. It may also be suitable for those who are new to risk management. It ensures that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the M_o_R framework (principles, approach, processes, embedding and reviewing) and how they support corporate governance to gain a Foundation level certification in M_o_R.

What content is covered?

This risk management learning opportunity shows how M_o_R can support governance and how the principles and process are used to support risk management. Having sufficient risk management will provide you with the relevant skills and structures to manage potential problems and reduce failure possibilities.

The M_o_R course looks at:
- what is risk?
- what is risk management?
- the benefits of M_o_R
- the 8 M_o_R principles
- the 6 M_o_R processes involved in identifying, assessing and controlling risk
- risk management policies, guides, registers and plans
- application of risk solutions
- how risk solutions can be adapted to a change in circumstances.

What will participants gain?

The learning opportunity is delivered through a combination of facilitator led discussion, scenario application, examples of techniques and practice papers. This method allows you to apply your own experience and understanding to accelerate your learning.

Please note that this is an intensive course which will require both pre-learning and homework elements to be completed to ensure delegates have the best possible chance of passing the exam.

What are the key topics?

Decisions are implemented with greater confidence
Service delivery is improved
Enhanced competitive advantage
Decisions made quickly and smoothly
Greater clarity of main focuses and aims
Resources are used more efficiently
Reduced waste
Changes are more easily predicted.

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